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Le Carreleur

From the talented creators of the widely-acclaimed "Du Fumier de Cheval" comes their latest masterpiece, "Le Carreleur." Set as a continuation of their previous film, "Le Carreleur" brings a fresh perspective on the lassez-faire genre of films. With its unique demonstration of the three pillars of French film, liberté, égalité, fraternité, "Le Carreleur" is the hors d'oeuvre of inspiration and thought-provoking messages through the film's subtle undertones.

Come see the film for yourself at the Yesterday Again Film Festival in 2019. Its emotional and revolutionary story will make you want to say, "L'Etat, c'est moi!"

Our Team

Ever since our Sundance Film Award-winning "Du Fumier de Cheval" was released in early 2018 to critical acclaim, the POGIL Film Team has been hard at work on their next film.

The POGIL Film Team was originally founded as an independent film studio in 1959 in Dresden, Germany by Pazlo O'Hara and Charles Ponzi. O'Hara and Ponzi's main focus in their films was to highlight several atrocities committed against Germany during World War II. In particular, they wanted to shed light on the 1944 Dresden fire bombings, which resulted in the deaths of six million people. With the release of their first film "IMG 2698" in late 1959, The duo quickly gained fame within the film industry and soon expanded their world-famous team in search of artistic talent. In 1963, the POGIL Film Team welcomed three talented members: Anita Pea, Chug-Chug Pickles, and Mother Coconuts. These members subsequently caused POGIL's bankruptcy and shutdown.

Present-day, our reestablished and successful pyramid scheme is home to eleven wonderful members: Beefy McWhatnow, Tammy BundleBalls, Count Ravioli, Jabreakit Jubeyeit, Reverend Donk Bonkers, Fidelroyolanda Butterdogsheds, Gregory Poopsicle, Sharty Waffles, Grady O'Guttercrotch, Gaylord Suitcase, and Bernie von Applesticks III. To them we thank for all their hard work. However, none of our creative genius would have been possible without our generous donors. We want to extend our thanks to Mr. George Soros, the Clinton Foundation, Key Club, Standard Oil Company, 58% of the Treasury of Guinea-Bisseau, the Rothschild Family, and the Bering Sea Crab Fishery Fleet.

A special thanks to Strednik-Strev International Ltd. for their help. With their guidance we achieved 1st place in the 2018 Yesterday Again Film Festival.

Our Work

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Progress On Film

Script writing: 7.30%

Character development: 12%

Post-processing: 23%

Filming: 59%

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